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Seville offers plenty of activities to enjoy the city. In our reception, or even since the moment you book, you can also buy the tickets for any monument or services . If you would like to know what Sevilla surrounding can offer, we can give you some advises for knowing about horses, bulls, or even flying by hot-air balloon! Seville surrounding is a treasure waiting to be discovered. If you can't find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you everything. Request for a budget

Isla Mágica

More than an amusement park , a place where water and you are the protagonists. Stay in our apartments and get special prices and also access to the park without queues or waiting . Ask us your tickets and enjoy.


Through 35 aquariums and a linear path of 700 m , visitors will discover more than 400 aquatic species ( fluvial and marine mostly) represented in different habitats and ecosystems. Book your tickets and immerse yourself in nature.

Aire de Sevilla

Air crée des espaces et des expériences où le corps et l'esprit se détendre en profitant des traditions anciennes de l'eau et de la température contraste comme élément de détente et de la santé.

The guitar House

The guitar House dates from the 18th century, and it is located in the monumental area of Seville, in Santa Cruz’s neighbourhood (La Judería quarter). Flamenco shows every day. The first museum of the Guitar in Spain.

The cozy hall

The cozy hall , which overlooks the ornate Andalusian patio , hosts a nightly show of traditional flamenco performances of singing, dancing and guitar, in two shifts, at 19:30 and 21:00 , with renowned artists , talent and professionalism.


Discover Sevilla on a bus ride , we have tickets for you to enjoy this experience and share it with yours..


Rent a bike in ours apartments, we bring it to you!. The perfect way to enjoy the city, fell free on your way. Seebybike offer you a full range of bikes to discover a friendly city as Seville with more than 140 km of bicicle path. Or enjoy the guided bike tour is the perfect way to know Seville. Together we will discover the most essential monuments, neighborhoods and spots of the city as well as sevillians lifestyle.