Tourism activities Rural Tourism in Extremadura

4 * Hacienda La Giralda.

Extremadura meadow land is nature in pure state that you can enjoy with activities from the most peacefull one to the most active; from relaxing activities to gastronomic activities.We have so much to give and here we have some ideas: Around the resort there is a meadow land, natural paradise and unique cattle. This area will let you enjoy outdoor activies such as: horse riding, bicycling and hiking. We can't forget cultural heritage nearby in Zafra, Jerez de los Caballeros and Burguillos del Cerro. Enjoy every moment. If you can't find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you everything you can need. Request for a budget

Slaughter typical Iberian pig

Slaughter typical Iberian pig. Estimated time of activity 8 h ( 8:00 to 16:00 ) : Live an authentic and very traditional gastronomic activity , the killing of Iberian pork , ideals months of autumn / winter. We started with a few crumbs and a drink that makes us warm up after the review and analysis results from the veterinarian begin the task , you will see and participate to wherever you want . It's time to test , make sausage, black pudding , a little barbecue, ... and if you are motivated and want more; a drink or a coffee , we will organize it. Request your budget .

Carriage ride

Carriage ride : Approximate 30 minutes. Enjoy the scenery , relax and let you go.


Using horse to walk 30 minutes, we have thoroughbreds ,only suitable for beginners , you'll love it!

Accommodation horse

Accommodation horse owned by the customer , if you like horse riding and prefer to bring your horse , we offer accommodation,it also will enjoy your stay !.!.

Walk by car

Walk by car around the property 30 minutes, the farm is fully operational and are a few hectares , sure you'll love discovering how the habitat of different species , it works is an activity for the whole family !..

Bicycle Rental

Bicycle Rental, this activity will provide more freedom and also will practice exercise in a pollution-free space ,you will repeat !!

Picnic or barbecue

Picnic or barbecue : if while enjoying the services of a 4 * hotel , you want to enjoy a more rustic experience, you can choose from a picnic or enjoy a barbecue outdoors. Ask us budget , tell us what you need and we will help you. .

Bullfighting Tourism

Bullfighting Tourism: Do not forget that we have bullring, you can practice it organizing a capea with your friends, do you dare ? Ask us for a budget..

Gastronomic tourism

Gastronomic tourism : In addition to also organize receptions, enjoy Iberian products and the best wine Extremadura , can you identify them?.